A. Can I play if I am not enrolled with West Chester University?

    - no, you must be enrolled within the University with a valid student ID.  All players outside of the University will not be able to play on the team.

    B. Where does the team practice?

    - We practice at Outdoor Extreme, Chesapeake City, MD.  The field is 45 minutes away from campus, and since we only practice one day of the week (every Sunday) we are there from 9am-3pm every week.    

    C. Are markers and equipment provided to students?

    - No, markers and other paintball equipment is not provided to students upon joining.  Because we are a newer organization, all equipment is the players responsibility to acquire.  A lot of us players usually have extra markers or gear for newer players to use before investing.  

    D. What big is the commitment? 

    - With being. newer organization, we want the longevity of the club to last.  This being said, we expect all new players to be highly committed.  This means showing up to practices, and coming to practices every week, unless you have a valid excuse.  

    E. What League does the team compete in?

    - Our focus right now is more towards the National Collegiate Paintball Association (NCPA).  We also do play some local Eastern Paintball League (EPL) tournaments at local fields for more experience and practice.